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OsiSense® - Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID)


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a term generally used for radio frequency identification systems. These frequencies range between 50 kHz and 2.5 GHz. The most widely used is 13.56 MHz.

The OsiSense® RFID identification system enables object traceability, identification (tracking) functions to be performed and access control.

The information is stored in an accessible memory using a simple radio frequency link. This memory is in the form of an electronic tag, which contains an antenna and an integrated circuit.

The tag contains the information associated with the object to which it is fixed. When a tag passes through the field generated by the reader/station, it detects the signal and exchanges the data (read or write) between its memory and the reader/station.

The applications are numerous:

  • Logistics: dispatch, receipt, transit, etc.
  • Tracking and sorting of baggage
  • Automatic tolls
  • Access control


The OsiSense® RFID system is also suited to difficult environments such as humidity, temperature, mechanical shock, vibration and dust.

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