Quality and Product Certifications

All our manufacturing sites are compliant with ISO 9001 global standard.

Telemecanique Sensors:

  • Satisfies standards:
    • National (BS in Great Britain, NF in France, DIN in Germany)
    • European (CENELEC)
    • International (IEC)
  • Applies the world quality standards in production.

  • Provides UL, CSA, EAC and CE certificates.

Conformity with:

 Geographical regulations
Europe ConformityFederal Communication Commission (US Market)
North America ConformityRCM: Compliance with the Australian EMC regulations
China ConformityNorth America Conformity
Russia ConformityExplosive Atmospheres in Europe

 Specific applications
New international standard covering Europe, Asian countries & Australia, dedicated to electromagnetic environments on mobile equipmentsTechnischer Überwachungs-Verein, for functionnal Safety requirement
Certification for Marine applicationsEconomics Laboratory for food & beverage industry