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RFID and inductive identification system

A range easy to install, connect and configure, using the RFID and Inductive identification system.

Adapted to various applications such as production workshops, traceability or access control

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RFiD and inductive identification system allow connect and configure easily. They are adapted to various applications: production workshops, traceability or access control
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Smart antennas with integrated controller

  • Three formats: one is the most compact industrial RFID station on the market (40 x 40 x 15 mm)
  • Simple installation whatever the topology (star architecture or daisy-chain), even on Ethernet
  • Self-adapting to the environment, even on a metal support
  • Extended detection zone mainly for conveying applications, thanks to the field expander accessories.
  • Automatic detection of the protocol and speed of the network used
  • No software or specific programming required
  • Data organized in Words for easy access by standard Read/Write commands
  • Simplified setting of the network address using configuration badge or embedded web server

13.56MHz electronic tags

  • Complete range of high performance industrial tags
  • Fully open to all ISO 15693 and 14443 standard tags available on the market

Portable RFID terminal

  • Direct reading/writing of electronic tags for setting-up and maintenance
  • Configurable user's pages for secured and easy access to data
  • Transfer of information to PC
  • Diagnostic and update of the smart antennas

Network connection boxes

  • For connecting smart antennas on industrial networks (Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, Profibus DP).

With OsiSense XG, discover the RFID system.

  • The most open for a free choice of electronic tags and networks.
  • Easy to install, connect and configure.

Within the conveying, material handling, logistic, building sectors… For various functions: flexible production workshops, traceability, access control, etc.