Photoelectric OsiSense XU

Photo-electric sensors

OsiSense XU offers a full range of diffuse, Background Suppression (BGS), polarized reflex, laser reflex & thru-beam in the 4 most popular form-factors worldwide

  • Applicative sensors for material handling, packaging, labeling (fork sensors technology) , assembly, food & beverage
Photoelectric sensors offer a full range of diffuse, background suppression (BGS), polarized and laser reflex and thru-beam for material handling, labelling, assembly applications

General purpose products
Diameter 18 XUB range (up to 20 metres), miniature XUM range (up to 15 m), compact 50X50 XUK range (up to 45m), and compact XUX  range (up to 60m) are available in:

  • all industrial detection system modes such as: Thru-beam, Reflex, Reflex polarised,  Diffuse and Diffuse with background suppression.
  • in multimode which means all these five detection systems are available in only one reference. This major innovation gives a greater simplicity of choice setup and maintenance management.

Fork format, XUV range: the most cost-effective and easy to install photo-fork for small conveyors, packaging and labelling machines.

Application products

Available in the most typical formats on the market

Mark readers, luminescence sensors, transparency detection,

colour sensors, aqueous liquid detection, label detection, laser sensors,etc.

All the most industrial photo-electric popular formats available at your Telemecanique sensors distributor next door.

Standard or multimode products.

Plus a wide choice of “applicative” products.

  • Industrial and tertiary general purpose use for small & medium machines, access control,etc.
  • Dedicated offer for packaging, handling, assembly, conveying, food & beverage,etc.