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limit switch sensors
Finecorsa OsiSense XC standard
Finecorsa - ex OsiSwitch partial
Limit switch dedicated for sensor application
Finecorsa OsiSense XC special
Finecorsa OsiSense XC applicativi
Sensori per ambienti esplosivi OsiSense Atex D
Interruttori per atmosfere esplosive

Sensori Induttivi e Capacitivi

Inductive proximity sensor
OsiSense XS induttivo e OsiSense XT capacitivo
Interruttori di prossimità induttivi e capacitivi

Sensori fotoelettrici

Photoelectric sensors offer a full range of diffuse, background suppression (BGS), polarized and laser reflex and thru-beam for material handling, labelling, assembly applications
OsiSense XU fotoelettrico
Interruttori fotoelettrici

Sensori a ultrasuoni

Ultrasonic technology are used in detection of any material, irrespective color, light ambiance, without adjustment or correction factor
Sensori a ultrasuoni OsiSense XX
Sensori ultrasonici - ex OsiSonic

Controllo pressione e livello

Pressure control sensor OsiSense XM offer electronic and electromechanical product dedicated to industrial application
Sensori di pressione OsiSense XM
Rilevatori di pressione - ex nautilus
Wide range of pressure switches, vacuum switches and float switches compliant with US and international standards such as NEMA, UL, CSA, IEC
Pressure switches Nema Square D™ 9012, 9013, 9036, 9037, 9038
Pressure Switches, Vacuum Switches, Float Switches
OsiSense Atex D
Interruttori per atmosfere esplosive

Sensori di visione

RFID - Identification Control

RFiD and inductive identification system allow connect and configure easily. They are adapted to various applications: production workshops, traceability or access control
RFID OsiSense XG
RFID e sistemi di rilevazione induttiva


A range of innovative encoders opened to fiels BUS communication
Encoder rotativi OsiSense XCC
Encoder - ex OsiCoder

Interruttori di sicurezza

Safety switches OsiSense XCS are used in the protection of operators by stopping the machine for heavy duty industrial machines and light industrial machines
Emergency safety rope switches with robust metal enclosure allow to increase safety all throughout the machine work zone in severe environments
Interruttori a cavo per l'arresto di emergenza Preventa XY2
Interruttori di sicurezza a cavo per l'arresto d'emergenza
Interruttori arresto di emergenza Preventa XY2 Atex D
Interruttori arresto di emergenza tramite cavo per atmosfere esplosive
Interruttori di sicurezza Preventa XCS ATEX D
Interruttori di sicurezza per atmosfere esplosive

Barriere fotoelettriche di sicurezza

safety light curtain for efficient protection of machine operators in hazardous zones

Cavi e connettori

Cordsets, connectors and connection boxes are designed for optimal user-friendliness, simplifying connection and providing quick and safe reference identification
Cavi e connettori OsiSense XZ
Componenti per cablaggio