Inductive Proximity Sensors XS & Capacitive Proximity Sensors XT

Inductive and capacitive proximity sensors

Inductive proximity sensors (XS range) and capacitive proximity sensors (XT range) for non contact sensing of metal objects up to 60 mm.

Best in class quality and immunity to harsh industrial environments.

Inductive proximity sensor

XS: inductive proximity sensors technology for non contact sensing of metal objects up to 60mm

XT: capacitive proximity sensors technology for non contact sensing of any material up to 20mm

General purpose products
One of the most comprehensive catalogues on  the market with

  • Standard cylindrical forms: M8,12,18, 30 short & long bodies
  • Standard cubic, rectangular and flat forms
  • Complying with international standards, CE, UL, CSA, CCC; CTick, TÛV
  • With a top international quality IP69K
  • With all electric standards including AC/DC power supply
  • Available in standard and increased range

Application products

  • Cubic and rectangular 40x40 SIL2 with TÜV certifications for safer applications
  • Rotation control, Factor 1, ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination, etc.
  • Plastic case sensors  for double insulation and chemical environment compliance
  • Miniature cylindrical format Plain 4 and  6.5mm or  M5 for assembly applications, etc.
  • Full stainless steel and plastic for dedicated food & beverage applications
  • Cubic & full stainless steel cylindrical for Automotive including welding applications
  • XT range for detection of any object irrespective of material or conductivity

Available everywhere at your Telemecanique sensors distributor next door, compliant with international standards & certifications in standard and increased range.

  • Assembly machines, robotics, machine-tools, machining, packaging, materials handling, conveying, etc.
  • Food and beverage industry, etc.