A complete range of electronic pressure switches

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Your machines need highly reliable and affordable components for pressure management. 

The OsiSense™ XM range of electronic pressure switches combines top-level reliability and performance with compact size. It is an easy choice for a broad range of low, combined or high pressure applications in a vast number of industries. 

OsiSense XMLP

OsiSense XMLP is the smallest low-pressure sensor available. It is designed to help you optimise the design of machines for a wide range of applications, such as vacuum lifting, suction-pad material handling, water pumping, heating, and many others. Its compact size makes it easier to install even in the most confined spaces.

OsiSense XMLROsiSense XMLR is the new electronic compact switch with display, designed for easier installation, setup, and maintenance. The installation requires minimum time and effort — the body of the switch, after mounting on the fluid entry, can be rotated. The display can be reversed to ensure easy reading from any position. 

OsiSense ZMLPOsiSense ZMLP is a simple switch with display that can be linked to a separate pressure transmitter, delivering a clear view of accurate pressure information even if the conduit runs in a hard-to-access location.

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