OsiSense XC special

Interrupteurs de position formats spéciaux

Limit switch dedicated for sensor application

Very severe material handling applications  
For hoisting and material handling applications:

  • OsiSense XC1AC range for linear movement (plunger)
  • OsiSense XCR range for rotary movement operators 


Very severe applications

  • OsiSense XC2J range with variable composition for fixed or plug-in body.
  • Adaptable sub-assemblies for standard to extreme temperature (-40°C or + 120°C)


Conveyor belt applications

  • Very well designed products for belt shift monitoring 
  • OsiSense XCRT range for standard or corrosive atmospheres 

Hoisting applications - Cross Limit Switch

  • Dedicated products for overhead cranes and block hoists for end of travel control
  • Very rugged with heavy duty metal cases
  • Single speed travel limit control: OsiSense XCRE and OsiSense XCRF are complete units with 1 cable entry and positive opening contacts, choice on contact operations
  • Single or double speed travel limit control OsiSense XCKMR is a complete unit with 3 cable entries and positive opening contacts, one per position


Power overtravel Limit Switch 
Limit switches with contactor inside to break main power circuit on the machine

  • OsiSense XF9-D: in an alu allow housing, fitted with the head of an LC1-D contactor: With manual latching and resetting restricted by a padlockable device
  • OsiSense XF9-F: in a sheet steel enclosure, fitted with the head of an LC1-F contactor: With manual latching and resetting or with counterweights and automatic resetting.


Rotary Limit Switch  
Wide offer of robust rotary limit switches which connect directly to rotating shafts for medium to heavy duty applications

  • OsiSense XRBA range standard duty ad or dc Ithe 10A
  • OsiSense XR2 A and OsiSense XR2 B heavy duty ad or dc Ithe up to 20 


Subminiature format and microswitch for applications requiring high precision and low force applications

La plus grande offre d'interrupteurs de position dédiée au service intensif en environnement sévère.


Levage manutention, mines, minerais, et toutes autres fortes contraintes environnementales (fonderies, industrie automobile, atelier de soudure, …etc)