OsiSense™ XUE, a reliable optical sensor for distance measurement

Recognising the needs of industrial manufacturers worldwide, the OsiSense sensors are safe, reliable, easy to mount, and practical to use across an array of applications. OsiSense XUE is a line of photoelectric, non-contact sensors, which operate both in diffuse (up to 6m with background suppression mode) and reflex (up to 30m) measurement systems. This new sensor is completely self-contained and lends itself to easy set-up with friendly teach-in buttons to program the application set-points. Multiple programmable outputs provide extended flexibility, with two configurable discrete NO or NC outputs (PNP), and a 4…20mA analog output, defined automatically between the saved set-points.

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OsiSense XUE photo-electric sensors for precise measuring and positioningen255.43 kB
Détecteurs photoélectriques Osisense XUE pour une mesure et un positionnement précisfr256.48 kB